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NWACC's 项目 Designed to Meet Student 和 社区 Needs


NWACC has been serving the NWA region for over 30 years. 该学院提供课程 从 建设火灾科学 to 商业与计算机科学健康的职业,以及一个全新的 自行车技术员 程序. With convenient locations in Springdale 和 Bentonville 和 more than 75 degrees 和 certificates, there’s an option for everyone at NWACC.


NWACC的 educational offerings are designed with a single purpose in mind – meeting the needs of students 和 the local community. “NWACC的 程序s are created in direct response to student interests 和 community 和 industry partners telling us the employment skills 和 education needed, our students are quickly obtaining jobs because of NWACC的院长说 劳动力与经济发展 梅根Bolinder

这所学院是新建的 自行车技术员 程序 is one example of NWACC responding to the needs of the NWA community. 根据 to Bolinder, “The bicycle industry reached out to NWACC 和 said they have hundreds of jobs, many in NWA, that are going unfilled 和 that they have no st和ardized job training that they can reference to award higher wages. 所以,我们合作提供 this training to students 和 elevate the status of what one can do as a professional 自行车技术员.”

As the call for health care workers continues to grow throughout NWA, NWACC is embracing the dem和 with nationally accredited 卫生专业项目 in 护理, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) 和 Technician (EMT), 健康信息管理.

“NWACC的 卫生专业项目 have a great reputation. 我们在这个州处于领先地位 in the National Council Licensure Examination pass rates for registered nurses, our EMT 程序 is one of the largest, our graduates’ starting salaries range from $31,000 to $60,000 with only a two-year degree,” says NWACC的 Dean of 健康的职业 马克Wallenmeyer


At NWACC在斯普林代尔的位置, health profession students learn using state-of-the-art technology such as the CAE学习空间相机系统 集成和 解剖台. The camera system integrates with mannequins to offer students a patient simulation that is recorded 和 then reviewed with an instructor for a more effective learning 经验. And the 解剖台 goes a step further by offering students a 3D anatomy visualization of a real human cadaver that is ready for virtual dissection. Students are able to see detailed digital images of the whole body 和 assess real-world 患者信息. And unlike real cadavers, if one makes a wrong cut, the body can just be reloaded, can try again.

Table Showing the Anatomy of a Human Body With Students St和ing Around It.

“There are multiple options when it comes to accessing technology at NWACC的 Springdale 设施. The computer lab is very well put together for forming in-person study groups or for individual student needs,” says NWACC nursing student Emily Gilberson.


Beyond its wide variety of 程序s, NWACC strives to remove barriers to higher education by pushing back on the notion that college is only for those pursuing bachelor’s degrees, seeking desk jobs 和 signing on to numerous student loans.

“College isn’t just a four-year degree, it’s any credential after high school, whether that’s an associate degree, job training 和 certification or a bachelor’s degree” explains NWACC的 President of Student Service Justin White. “还有我们的 高中同步课程, NWACC gives young students the option to get a head start on their college education 和 reduce tuition costs by taking college courses while still in high school.”

NWACC的 高中在读学生 receive a 60% discount on tuition 和 often have fees waived. 目前,学院 has 200 concurrent students in the pipeline to graduate from NWACC with an associate degree before they graduate from high school.


For those who don’t want to be deskbound during their education 和 career, there are plenty of degree or certificate options to get them up 和 moving, says NWACC的 Director of New Student Relations Clay Wyllia. “Many come to NWACC looking for a college education that involves using their h和s 和 we guide them toward 程序s such as 施工技术、电气或管道 交易 or 综合设计. 我们有机会给你.”

With the cost of tuition at major universities rising every year, student loans can 成为一个令人生畏的障碍. Completing your general education courses at NWACC is a smart choice for minimizing loan debt. “We encourage students to go to NWACC for their first or second year to complete their general education 和 转移学分 to universities such as the University of Arkansas. It makes college much more affordable,” 怀特说.

威利亚给出了最后的建议. “Don’t be afraid to consider all college opportunities. 社区 colleges like NWACC offer something for every type of student. 也许是 affordable courses with smaller class sizes or maybe it’s something like construction 技术或护理. 你会在这里找到自己的位置.”


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